How to choose cosmetics

Any woman strives for perfection and in the desire to look beautiful and young does not spare money for cosmetics. But not all of them meet her needs, sometimes causing irritation or simply not having a publicized miraculous effect. Going to the cosmetics store, you need to discard all opinions and advice of friends, choosing the means not for the level and price, but for quality and useful properties.

Tonal tool

First, determine what you do not like on the skin: shine or dryness. If shine, then choose a matting foundation. But only under the condition that pores are visible on your skin. If the pores are not visible, and the skin shines, this is a sign that it is dehydrated and overdried.

Using a matting tone, you exacerbate the situation. In the fight against glitter you better stop on loose mineral powder. It does not dry the skin and at the same time mattes. For normal and dry skin, moisturizing CC and BB creams are suitable.

Makeup bases are selected according to the same principle: if the skin is dry, we acquire radiant, if normal, combined or oily, matting. In make-up every day it is important that he kept for a long time. Bases for this and created, and the base under the shadows as well. When choosing a base under the shadows, it is better to give preference to cream in tubes: they look more natural.

Given the shade of the tonal means, we select the concealer, or corrector. If their shades differ, you risk a tanning effect with glasses. If you are tanned and change the tone of the tonal tool, along with it, you need to change the corrector.That's the way the human eye is, it always compares one with the other.


Lay out all the rouge from your cosmetic bag. Apply alternately on the cheeks. On the skin, pre-apply foundation. Take a closer look, which blush suits you? Leave those who transform you. The remaining emissions, or the creation of a separate box for yourself, which put the wrong cosmetics.In case there were no suitable blush, select a new one. For skin on which vessels and reddish rashes are visible, blush with a pink shade will suit. The color is not necessarily clearly pink, pink-brown will suit every day. Skin with pigmentation transform peach and coral blush.


We prefer matte shades. Every day you may need a light creamy matte shade, it is applied to the blinking eyelid and under the eyebrow.

If you do not use a pencil, you will need dark brown or dark gray shades of matte shadows. They can emphasize the contour of the eyelashes instead of a pencil.

In the fold of the eyelid, we apply necessarily a matte shade - either cold brown or warm, depending on whether you are warm or cold from which color types. These three shades are enough to make yourself a natural day makeup.If you want to diversify the makeup, add light colors: pink, lilac, pistachio, golden. They are applied to the blinking eyelid instead of creamy, I wrote about them above. Shadows in the fold of the eyelid and at the contour of the eyelashes can be applied the same. The main thing is that the new shade of the shadows coincide with the others: be cold or warm.


The shape of the brush affects how eyelashes change. Straight silicone brush to the maximum twists them up and is perfect for those who have straight lashes. For curved fit classic brush.

Mascara choose depending on the result that you need: lengthening, volumetric or separating.Eye makeup remover is a must! Facial cleanser is designed to remove sebum, dust and tone from the face. The eye makeup remover has other functions: it dissolves mascara and easily removes it.

The longer you keep the product on the cilia, the easier it is to remove makeup. It takes time to dissolve the makeup on the eyelids. Usually 10–15 seconds is enough.

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