Filthy Habits Ensemble was created in Barcelona in 2008 as a means to recover some of Zappa´s most brilliant contributions in instrumental music for jazz-rock ensembles. An octet consisting of a powerful four piece wind section and an adventurous rhythm section they are determined to blow audiences away with their complex and mesmerizing as well as animate and witty performances.

Displaying a repertoire which contains music that runs through the whole career of Zappa’s remarkable output and accompanied by the impressive and carefully selected visuals of VJ Mongo, they have captivated audiences at different venues, including jazz festivals and specialized festivals like Zappamundo (Lisboa) and Zappanale (Rostock).

More recently, appart from playing music by Frank Zappa they have been also experimenting with other material including a set of pieces by different composers of a provocative musical genre from the late fifties called “Exotica”.

Ate the moment they are still offering an exclusive Zappa repertory  (“Filthy Habits Ensemble Plays Zappa”) but  also 2 new repertories: Stravinsky’s “L’historie du soldat” Instrumental Suite and other selected pieces and El Pricto’s Filthy Habits Delirious Suite.

“Wrapped in video projections, with a superb sound and a rapport that was pure synchrony, the members of this band have no doubts when approaching pieces of great complexity, making them seem simple.  It was hypnotic like a mirage, when suddenly someone dressed up in a gorilla suit invaded the lounge area as Zappa’s “King Kong” was being played, taking the audience to infinity in an experience that is difficult to explain but must be seen to be believed.” – Alfred Crespo, Ruta 66